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Situated at the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, smack dab in the middle of a stretch of undisturbed and luxuriant nature, La Table de Maxime is a must visit fining dining restaurant and hotel in the region. The local area is teeming with delightful hiking trails, de tourist attractions and festive events.

Lieux Touristiques

  • Bouillon

    Bouillon Castle

    Recognised as the oldest remaining medieval castle in Belgium, Bouillon Castle overlooks the river Semois, perched atop three imposing rocky crags.

    L'archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon

    Travel back in time and follow in the footsteps of Godfrey of Bouillon on his adventurous crusades in a remarkable cutting-edge audio-visual spectacular that brings the events of the past to life! Daverdisse, Lesse, Redu, Tellin…
  • Orval

    The Abbey

    At this site of peace and learning that is steeped in history, visitors get to see the brewery and cheese-making quarters and get to appreciate the time-honoured ancestral know-how of the monks from the Trappist branch of the Cistercian order at Orval.
  • Saint-Hubert

    Domaine du Fourneau Saint-Michel

    À la fois domaine naturel et muséal, le Fourneau Saint-Michel consitue une immersion dans la biodiversité de la région, mais aussi une plongée dans son histoire architecturale et industrielle.
  • Redu

    Book village

    Home to just a few hundred residents, but also hundreds of metres of books scattered across the village's 17 bookshops! A truly unique getaway destination that is highly rated by visitors from across the globe!
  • Transinne

    Euro Space Center

    Shoot off to the stars at this entertaining as well as enlightening science museum and educational tourist attraction!
  • Rochefort

    Castle of the Counts of Rochefort

    Come and spend some time at the Castle as the guests of feudal lord Thierry de Walcourt.

    Malagne. Archeoparc

    How did our Gallo-Romans ancestors live? Learn all about them at Rochefort's Archeoparc!
  • Han-sur-Lesse

    Domaine des Grottes de Han

    Enjoy the magical and mysterious caves of the Grottoes of Han, carved out by the river Lesse.

    Wild Animal Reserve

    250 hectares of land that are home to numerous wild animal species that lived or continue to live in this part of the world. Admire them in their natural habitat.



    Around Paliseul

    Around Paliseul

    Neighbouring villages

    Great walking destinations also include the characterful villages that are typical of the region, such as Paliseul, Opont, les Abbys, Porcheresse, Daverdisse, Lesse, Redu, Tellin…



    24 > 27 July 2015

    remarkable showcase of country life in every sense!
  • Festival du conte de Chiny

    10 > 12 July 2015

    Switch on your imagination. Tales and stories certain to regale all generations!

    22 > 23 AUGUST 2015

    A wide range of street and circus artists take over the village's streets!